Hello there. My name is Betsy and this is my blog. It will mainly be book reviews, hence the name, because I like to read and would like to share my opinion and recommend certain reads to anybody who reads this. Also, I like writing and am studying journalism in college, so why not combine my two interests?

So, I’ll be posting a book review on here as often as I can. I have eclectic taste when it comes to genres, so there will be some variety in here.

In regards to books, I read hard copies. Yes, that means I still go to the library or bookstore and borrow or buy real books. No online interaction there. I don’t have a kindle or nook and don’t plan to get one, because it’s much easier to flip through a real book rather than having to “flip” through the electronic pages of a kindle or nook and trying to find your favorite part. Also, it’s much less expensive. The library is free and all you need is a library card.