A change of pace for once: a friend of mine suggested I post original pieces in between book reviews to create variety. I have decided to try that today. Here’s one called “The Green Hornet”

A 1980’s Buick Century, an ordinary car in a light green color
With one horizontal red stripe as a taillight
The last thing I would see as my dad drove down on the street on his way to work
He called it the Green Hornet
Bringing home my brother when he was just a newborn
Lasting almost a quarter of a million miles
The rust spots, a symbol of the trek
Covered up with a can of touch-up paint
Knocked over by a 2-year-old boy, that forever left a green splotch in the driveway
Bringing my mom to the hospital to have me

A gas tank to fuel its energy, new brakes to help it stop
Both came in handy when it ran out of gas one day coming back from Corning in the morning,
Just a green speck in the middle of the highway
When the day finally came
It broke down in the middle of the street, with my dad and a 7-year-old in the backseat
In 1996
A myriad of memories in one simple vehicle
It’s successor, a red Volvo station wagon called The Red Baron