The path winds through the trees.
Snow highlights bent branches.
The snow falls as the squirrels

 leap across the bare branches,
serving as their little highways.
Bare trees expose mountainside,

vulnerable to snow and wind
leaving nothing to protect it.
For three months, the mountain

asleep, with the grass hibernating
under the frozen accumulation.
Wind blows tops of evergreens,

as the circle sun struggles to seep
through the white, overcast sky.
Animal tracks dot the undisturbed

layer of fresh snow on the ground,
blanketing and protecting the
waiting and dormant vegetation.

The birds land on posts in search
of food, blue jays and chickadees
argue to get the most of the seeds

Soon, the winter wind will stop,
and the buds will turn into flowers,
 and the leaves will grow in and turn

green, as spring takes over the season.
After all has grown in and blossomed,
the now green mountain will awake.