After a nine-month hiatus, I am finally starting to post book reviews again. This past school year brought a whirlwind of events, beginning with a three-month semester abroad in England. For more about that, visit my study abroad blog by following this link:
Now that it’s summer again, I’ve found more time to read and review books. As mentioned in previous posts, I have eclectic taste, so expect some variety. My goal with this blog is to encourage people to simply read books. In this technology-filled world, books are something we can escape into and don’t require batteries or electricity to run. What’s so bad about taking a break from stress by immersing yourself into a different world for a few hours?
Someday, I hope to write a book of my own. What genre? Will it be a memoir or a novel? I’m still figuring those details out, but it’s one of my ultimate goals in life.
Anyway, expect a review sometime this week. With that, I conclude and thank you for reading!