American-born author Meg Rosoff’s novel is about London native Mila and her father’s trip to Upstate New York to search for her father’s friend after he goes missing. Mila’s heightened ability to sense feelings and read people are put to the test as she attempts to help her father solve the mystery, involving some people from the past and unexpected discoveries.

Being from Upstate New York myself, I found the setting well-written, being able to relate to the snowy environment and culture shock Mila describes.

The character of Mila was interesting, but there were several times when I forgot she was twelve years old. Her extensive narration sounded more like a teenager than a preteen.

The sentence structure of the novel was also very unusual. Rosoff chose not to include quotation marks with her character lines. It could be because of Mila’s narration structure, but the lack of punctuation made it very hard to distinguish the dialogue from the rest of the writing.

Overall, the book had a solid setting and decent story, but the plot could have used a better climax and more character development.