Warning: Spoilers

Written by Gayle Forman, author of If I Stay, Just One Day follows the journey of Allyson Healy, a girl who meets a boy named Willem while on a trip to Europe and ends up taking a sporadic trip with him to Paris for one day. But when he unexpectedly disappears the next day, she begins the long road of trying to track him down.

I loved the traveling themes of the book. Allyson describes her trips through England and Paris, describing the scenery and meeting new people. Having experienced a lot of this myself, I could easily visualize the settings and situations.

However, I found several elements of the story to be a little unrealistic. Allyson becomes very depressed when she starts college due to not finding Willem. She obsessively searches for him on the Internet and even travels back to Europe in an attempt to find him. The apparent theme of true love might be the reason, but it also sends the message that somebody should become consumed and base almost all of their decisions on just one person. I just couldn’t really relate to Allyson’s desperation of wanting to find somebody that badly, especially since Willem is a complete stranger.

Between Forman’s books, I would recommend If I Stay more, as it takes on a more interesting concept.