This is a book I read awhile ago, by American author Wendy Wunder (not sure if that’s a pen name or her real name- pretty catchy name regardless.)

The plot tells of Cam Cooper, a teenage girl with cancer who is told she has a limited amount of time left. Hoping for some change and possibly a miracle, her family relocates from Orlando, Florida to Promise, Maine. There, she meets a whole set of new people who show her that there’s more to life than just waiting for the end.

The story had a good message- living life before its over, especially when you know that might be. However, I feel like the plot device of the main character being sick has become a cliche nowadays, especially since The Fault in Out Stars has become very popular. It does add some realism to the plot, but I knew how it was going to end only a few chapters in. There were also elements of romance that I found predictable.

I did like the character of Cam; she is kind but has a sarcastic streak, which made her somewhat relatable. I also appreciated the setting of Maine, showing the difference between Florida and New England.

Overall, I don’t recommend this book too much because of its predictable elements, but if you want to read a book that takes place in New England, this is one to check out.