A few weeks ago, I posted a review on Jenny B. Jones’ first book in this series, which tells the story of foster child Katie Parker and her adjustment of moving in with new foster parents in the town of In Between, Texas. At this point, I’ve read the remaining three books in the series and figured I would do a post covering all of them.

The second book picks up six months into Katie’s stay with the Scotts. She’s adjusted to her new life in In Between, but now experiences changes when her foster mother is diagnosed with cancer and a tornado rips through the town. She also navigates the typical teenage love life as she encourages her best friend to pursue a crush while experiencing a crush of her own.

The third book deals with a more serious case. Katie discovers that the case against her biological mom’s has been overturned and that she is fighting to get custody of Katie back. Her mom succeeds in bringing Katie back home, but Katie soon realizes there is something wrong. Jones was able to write about a serious situation in a way to make the reader understand. I was able to imagine being in the setting myself, the imagery and the feelings Katie was going through.

The fourth book is unique to the series in that it takes place six years after the third book, when Katie is now twenty-three years old and a college graduate. I loved that Jones chose to set the book as a follow-up to give us an idea of what Katie ends up doing. Of the four novels, I found that I related to this one the most. The theme involves choosing what you want to do with your life. Being about Katie’s age, I’ve experienced that same feeling uncertainty, when you feel like your family is pulling you in one direction and your own desires the other way.

Jenny B. Jones is a brilliant writer. She is somehow able to make the situations in the novels so realistic that it almost seems as if she has had the experiences herself. I like how she chose to write her character as a foster child. As I’ve said it before, it’s a nice departure from the young adult cliche of teenagers dealing with their parents’ divorce, death and new significant others.

Although the books contain serious subjects, I love how she inserts random pop culture references into the stories too, a few times mentioning Disney and even popular Disney star Hilary Duff. It made the character of Katie much more realistic and relatable.

For a refreshing book series with a likable main character, check out this series.