After finding that I enjoyed Kody Keplinger’s novel The Duff, I decided to read A Midsummer’s Nightmare,  another one of her books.

This story revolves around Whitley Johnson, a girl who has just graduated high school. When she goes to spend the summer at her dad’s, she discovers that he’s engaged to a women- whose son Nathan is the guy Whitley had a one night stand with at a party earlier in the summer. Whitley must overcome the awkwardness with Nathan and accept her new family while dealing with the cyberbullying she experiences on Facebook.

One quality I liked about this novel was how it overlapped with the characters from The Duff. Whitley becomes friends with Harrison Carlyle, who was a minor character in The Duff, while major characters Wesley and Bianca also make an appearance.

Although I enjoyed the book, it reminded me of a Sarah Dessen novel in several ways, particularly with the unique names, the concept of the protagonist’s parents being split up and the overlapping characters. However, I liked that Keplinger addressed modern issues, like cyberbullying and ways to deal with it.

Though the plot of this book doesn’t feel as original as The Duff, I still enjoyed it and will be sure to check out her other novels.