This is a book I first read when I was in high school, but recently found as an Amazon eBook for cheap and decided to re-read it. Although targeted toward a younger demographic, I found the plot interesting enough to appeal to me.

Written by popular children’s author Gordon Korman, Schooled follows Capricorn Anderson, a teenager who has spent his entire life living a traditional, isolated life on a farm with his grandmother. After his grandmother has an accident and has to stay in the hospital, Cap finds himself facing culture shock when he’s sent to public school and experiencing life in the real world for the first time.

I like Korman’s writing style. Instead of having Cap narrate the entire story, the perspective alternates between multiple students and adults. It gives the story more angles and humor, though Korman keeps the topics simple enough. Cap’s culture shock point-of-view only adds more comical tones to the story, since he is clueless to just about everything from lockers to football and normal social skills. However, as funny as the plot is, I did find that there were some underlying messages in the story, like accepting other people’s cultural differences and dealing with events that have shaped the past and person you are.

Overall, I found this a quick, easy read for both adults and students.