A few weeks ago while at the library, I came across a novel by somebody named Bella Thorne. I recognized the her as a current Disney star. Even though I haven’t watched the channel in a few years, I decided to give it a try.

The story deals with Autumn Falls, a teenager who moves from Maryland to Florida following her father’s unexpected death. Starting at a new school, she makes friends easily, but soon gets caught up in drama with the school’s popular girl and dealing with the grief from her father’s death. This does sound like the cliched premise that is present in many young adult novels, but there is one element that makes the novel worth reading. Autumn receives a gift from her grandmother- a seemingly ordinary journal. When she starts writing in it, she finds that some of her entries about events she wishes would happen are actually occurring in real life, creating a sense of deja vu.

The concept is interesting enough, a take on the idea of wishes actually coming true and later regretting them. But there is also the element of dealing with the loss of a family member. I was surprised that Autumn did not mention her father too often, but after learning that Bella Thorne herself lost her father, I understood the reasons a little more. Everyone has different ways of coping with grief. Some go through periods of sadness, while others play out.

Thorne also incorporates several of her own traits into the character of Autumn, one of them being dyslexia. I thought that was interesting, since I haven’t read a book that contains the character having a learning disability. It made her much more relatable and added humor to the story.

Overall, the novel is a solid first try. It would have been better if the ending wasn’t as rushed.