After reading Kody Keplinger’s other novels, The Duff, A Midsummer’s Nightmare and Lying out Loud, I decided to check out her other young adult novel, Shut Out. This story takes place in the same universe as her other novels, at Hamilton High in Hamilton, Illinois.

shutoutLissa Daniels is a high schooler who has been dealing with a lot since an accident killed her mother and left her father partially paralyzed. She relies on the support of her best friend Chloe, brother Logan and jock boyfriend Randy. An ongoing rivalry between the football and soccer teams causes Randy to lose focus on their relationship, much to Lissa’s annoyance. Fed up with the injuries and trouble the rivalry has caused, she and the other girls go on a “sex strike,” or refusing to have any physical contact with their significant others until the rivalry ends. This is further complicated when it turns into a competition to see who can control themselves the longest, combined with her secret infatuation with athlete Cash Sterling.

Truthfully, I feel like this novel is the weakest out of all of them. I do like that Keplinger isn’t afraid of exploring sexual themes. The themes of honesty and acceptance are also important, but I found the plot predictable and not too exciting. I knew who Lissa was going to end up with from almost the very beginning.

Although this book might have not been the best, Keplinger is still a great writer for her age. I’m looking forward to more of her future work.