This is officially my 50th post on this blog. I guess that would indicate that I’ve only read about 50 books in the time since I started this blog, which is a little over three years. But I assure you, I have read more books than that. I’ve just not had the time to review them all. Life has happened in those three years.

Switching gears, today is the first day of NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month. It is a month-long event in which people try to write a draft of a 50,000-word novel. That equals over a 1,000 words a day. While I don’t think I can devote that time to that many words per day, I plan to try to work more on the book that I’m writing right now. It’s part novel, part memoir, based on the lives of my paternal grandparents. Five months ago today, my grandfather passed away. Among his possessions, I found a six-page manuscript he had started to write about the time he met my grandmother. Legally, I knew it could belong to me, since his will listed all of his assets to us grandchildren. I took it and have been expanding on it ever since. It’s over 6,000 words now and still a work-in-progress. I hope to have it done by the end of the year or early next year.

In addition to working more on my book, I’m also going to try to post more reviews. Now that the sun is setting earlier and the weather is getting colder, there’s more time to read. I’m starting to use my Kindle more; it’s easy to bring on the metro or the gym, so I can read during those times. Plus, the D.C. library has an e-book library that I connected my Kindle to, so it’s possible to virtually check out books. The digital age hasn’t phased out reading entirely.