Warning: Minor Spoilers

Okay, so maybe some of my post have contained spoilers, but I  sometimes feel like it’s hard to review a book without mentioning a few important plot points. With that explanation done, I shall begin my review of Breakaway, a novel by American author Kat Spears.

Jason “Jaz” Marshall is a high school senior who has just lost his younger sister, Sylvia. While the two of them had different dads, Jason considered her to be one of the few people who understood him wholly. His unstable young mother only adds to the inner turmoil he feels as he tries to adjust to life without his sister. It doesn’t get any better when his three best friends, affluent Jordie, bad boy Mario and timid Chick, his usual source of support, begin to go in different directions. JAs time passes, Jason finds himself drawn to Raine Blair, a wealthy yet complex girl whose life he finds interesting. He also continues to play on his school soccer team, an effective outlet that gives him something to focus on.

Spears wasn’t afraid to portray situations that happen in real life. Losing a loved one, facing an unstable home life and friends growing apart are issues that real people face. Spears did a good job of weaving them together into a readable story.

I also like the fact that this takes place just outside of D.C. There are several scenes where the characters travel to certain places in the city, which made imagining the story much easier.

With that being said, I do feel like there were some loose ends that Spears could have provided more insight into. But I guess there’s only so much you can tell to a reader before they have to figure it out for themselves.

One more note, I did think of the Kelly Clarkson song “Breakaway,” when I first saw the title. However, the lyrics would actually fit this novel pretty well…