January has been a busy month for me. I’ve been at my new job for almost six months now, but am still getting used to having a permanent position. I’ve been trying to work out more and handle my stress, which has proved to be challenging. Plus, we in D.C. are now experiencing a massive blizzard that has shut down the Metrorail and Bus Services all this weekend. This should give me plenty of time to catch up on my blogging.

Fortunately, I made it to the library last weekend and was able to pick up some new books to read. Today, I’m going to review Far From You, a novel by American author Tess Sharpe.

The plot follows Sophie Winters, a seventeen-year-old who has recently finished a three-month stint in rehabilitation. This follows a traumatic incident where she and her best friend Mina were confronted by a masked person who shot Mina and planted drugs on Sophie to make it look like a drug deal gone bad. Sophie herself is a recovering drug addict who became hooked on her medication after a car accident when she was fourteen, but had been clean for several months up until the attack. Sophie is determined to find out who killed Mina and solve a years-old mystery at the same time.

What I liked about this novel is how realistic it was. Sharpe portrays her characters with real flaws: someone who has a drug addiction and is maybe attracted to both genders, people who have lost loved ones and people who are living with secrets. These are all issues that people experience in real life and struggle to hide from the outside world. I liked how the mystery of Mina’s killer was weaved into these real life issues, as I found myself asking whether or not this person was a suspect. The novel is written in the format of flashbacks, switching from present to the time of the accident to the months before Mina’s death.

Overall, Far From You is good mystery, but might be a little intense for those who have lost loved ones to murder incidents or drug addictions.