One of my previous reviews covers Kat Spears’s novel Breakaway. I came across her debut, Sway, at my local library and decided to read it.

This novel tells the story of Jesse Alderman, nicknamed “Sway,” a high schooler who is known by his classmates as the one they can get stuff from. Through his numerous connections, Sway provides drugs, homework, tickets and other services to his classmates at his high school. He dedicates his life to this, focusing on his business transactions and avoiding friendships with the people that he knows. It’s only when the popular Ken Foster asks him to help woo Bridget Smalley that Sway begins to experience the emotions he’s been hiding for years and come out into the open.

Lots of novels contain the “bad boy” character, the one who is known for being able to provide the needed commodities to classmates. But this is the first book I’ve come across where the protagonist is this character. Since this is written in first person, it was fascinating to follow Jesse’s experiences and the back story of why his life is the way it is. In my opinion, it conveys the message that there’s more to a person than what one may see.

Another great quality of Spears’s writing is her decision to write from a male point-of-view. Both of her books have male protagonists. I’ve always been fascinated by author’s ability to write from the opposite gender’s perspective and the psychological aspect it entails.

Sway is an unique novel that’s definitely worth a read if you want a glimpse into an often overlooked character.