Collaboration books that feature multiple authors are always interesting to read. There are novels that sometimes have multiple perspectives chapter by chapter, but a story that is told by different authors gives it much more depth. Each writer gets to add their own interpretation and spin on whatever tale is being told.

In this case, Let it Snow is three interconnected stories by three well-known authors of young adult fiction: John Green, Lauren Myracle and Maureen Johnson. The stories all take place during a snowstorm on Christmas Eve, with each story being told in first person by a different character in the fictional Gracetown. Johnson leads the novel with her character Jubilee, who gets stuck on a snowbound train and ends up at the area Waffle House. Green writes about local Tobin, who journeys to the Waffle House with his two best friends. Finally, Myracle’s protagonist Addie, who also lives in Gracetown and is the girlfriend of Jeb, a boy who was on the same train as Jubilee.

Being a native of Upstate New York, I can definitely relate to the blizzard part of the story. Trekking through deep snow, getting a car stuck in the snow, and trying to figure out what stores are open are all experiences that most people have had. Green, Myracle and Johnson do a good job at intersecting the characters and creating funny situations for them to be in.

Honestly, I consider this novel more fantasy than realistic. The romantic elements are a bit cliche, involving the ones about falling in love in one night, falling for your best friend and getting back together with your ex. Overall, Let it Snow is a fun read for those who like romantic novels set around the holiday season.