Think a modern day Sherlock Holmes with elements of Veronica Mars thrown in. Trouble is a Friend of Mine, the debut of Stephanie Tromly, is exactly what that is.

Zoe Webster and her mother have recently moved to the small town of River Heights, New York after her parent’s bitter divorce. Zoe is not easily getting used to her new surroundings, and is looking forward to eventually going to live with her Dad back in New York City. That all changes when she meets Philip Digby, a charming and mysterious boy who is very observant with a complicated family life. Despite his quirks, the two of them strike up a friendship of sorts. The friendship deepens when they find themselves working to uncover the mystery of a missing girl, venturing into sketchy parts of their town and encountering various characters along the way.

I found this book intriguing in that it didn’t seem to fit under a certain genre. It has teenage characters who go to high school, but the story isn’t a love story or “discovering yourself” kind of plot. It’s more of a dramedy mixed with mystery and crime. There’s even a cult involved. As for the characters,. Digby is sure to remind readers of someone they all have known in their life, a troublemaker. I like the message Tromly gives of not judging someone the first time you meet them.

All in all, I definitely think this a book worth reading, as it offers a refreshing plot with  important messages and successfully traverses multiple genres.