Having read Jenny B. Jones’s the Katie Parker’s series, I found out that she had written more books and settled on one that sounded good, There You’ll Find Me.

Finley Sinclair is an ambitious high school senior who wants to attend music school in New York City. Ever since her older brother Will was killed abroad two years ago, she has become fixated on her goals and obsessed with having control in her life. She decides to follow Will’s travel journal and goes to Ireland on an exchange program.There she meets Hollywood star Beckett Rush, who offers her a new perspective on what a different type of life can be like.

Ireland is the one country that I haven’t had the chance to visit. A friend of mine spent last summer in Ireland, and reading about Finley’s experiences made me feeling like I was hearing her stories all over again. The description of the landscape and scenery created vivid images in my mind.

However, this novel was about more than the beautiful country of Ireland. It’s about grieving over a loved one’s death and learning to accept the help of others. Finley is focused on her one goal, but doesn’t realize that her obsession is negatively affecting her both emotionally and physically. She continually pushes people away who attempt to offer help, not wanting to admit that something is wrong. Jones’s interpretation is very realistic, because it is difficult to admit that something is wrong.

Another plot element concerns the character of Beckett Rush. Although a famous star, we find out over the course of the story that his parents made the decision for Beckett would go into acting. This reminds me of the all too familiar story of child actors who later don’t know what to do with their lives. It also shows that a famous life is not always what it seems. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Beckett’s story wove into Finley’s situation pretty well, as they both deal with making the right decisions.

I definitely recommend this novel. Although it has some cliches of a romantic comedy, it tells a relatable and realistic story.

On a lighter note, this book will definitely want to make you visit Ireland too.