The second book in the Geek Girl series, by English author Holly Smale, follows Harriet Manners, an intelligent yet socially awkward girl who is also a model.

Six months after beginning in the model world, Harriet finds herself looking forward to a dull summer when she finds out her best friend Natalie will be away. A call from Harriet’s agent Wilbur changes that when he informs her that she’s been chosen to travel to Tokyo to help in the launch of a fashion line. Excited about experiencing a different culture, a series of modeling misadventures soon makes Harriet doubt that the Tokyo trip is going to result well.

Harriet often has random facts scattered throughout her narrative about the human body, Japan and other topics. I found this very relatable, because my mind often thinks of random facts when I’m reminded of something. I didn’t feel like the inclusion of the facts was filler at all, as they helped in the flow of the story and illustrated Harriet’s intellectual personality. The juxtaposition of awkwardness and modeling is interesting, since modeling emphasizes poise and perfection and Harriet’s qualities are not exactly those. I do like that Smale chose to imply that not all models need to have flawless posture and perfect features.

There were some elements of the story that I found predictable. The romantic cliche of the girl getting the boy made an appearance, and my prediction as to who the culprit was for Harriet’s problems turned out to be correct. Still, I felt like Smale did a good job at continuing Harriet’s story, and I look forward to reading the next novel in the series.