The third of the series in the Geek Girl series by English author Holly Smale follows geek/model Harriet Manners on a journey to America.

Since the birth of her younger sister, Harriet has been enjoying life as a big sister, the company of her best friend Natalie and relationship with boyfriend Nick. This all changes when her father announces that he has accepted a job in New York City and that they will be moving there. Initially excited about life in the big city, Harriet is horrified to discover that their new home is living in the suburbs. She soon finds herself back in the modeling world, this time in New York City and along the way, meets some unusual people.

Although I enjoyed Harriet’s intelligent and observant character, I just didn’t enjoy this installment as much, as I found it very predictable. Harriet’s constant anger toward her parents became a little annoying, though that could be that I’m 23 and don’t exactly remember the resentment of being a teenager. Harriet’s new “friend” Kenderall (name?) who attempts to make Harriet stylish, was a flat and useless character. And of course, “the other boy,” Cal, whose actions I could predict from the very beginning. I found myself skipping pages just to pick up the pace.

Smale did describe an accurate representation of the modeling world in America, how competitive it is with hundreds of thousands of people trying to get their break in the big cities.

Overall, though I like Smale’s writing, I’m glad I borrowed this one from the library.