Novellas are defined as longer than a short story but shorter than a novel. This particular novella is called Crossing the Line by Katie McGarry. Just a forewarning, this will probably be one of my most critical reviews yet.

Lila and Lincoln first met two years ago at the funeral of a mutual friend, where they bonded over their grief. Since then, they have secretly exchanged letters back in forth and have maintained an online relationship as well. Living several hours away from each other, they each have home lives that aren’t the best. When Lincoln accidentally alienates Lila by admitting his feelings, he travels to meet her in person and reconcile with her.

I admit that I haven’t read many novellas before, but this one’s length just didn’t suit the story at all. In the beginning, we are briefly introduced to Lincoln’s family members and his home’s difficult atmosphere. Then Lila talks about her on-again off-again boyfriend Steven and their strained relationship. This is the only time we are introduced to characters other than the two of them.

After that, the majority of the novel is filled with them admiring each other’s physique and admitting their attraction to each other. I found myself skipping pages just to find out what was going to happen, before it just… stopped. I almost wondered if my Kindle hadn’t downloaded the entire book.

While I appreciate McGarry’s effort, Lila and Lincoln’s story needed more than a novella. I just didn’t find the story realistic at all and the plot very typical and cliche.