Shop Small Saturday, the day after Black Friday, when people are encouraged to shop at their local businesses as a way to support the local economy. Mine this year was spent with my parents in my tiny hometown near Rochester, New York.

One of the local bookstores led me to find Somebody Everybody Listens To, a novel by Suzanne Supplee. I like some country music and stories about people’s adventures after high school, so I decided to get it.

Retta Lee Jones has just graduated from high school and has big plans to become a country singer. With her life savings and her great aunt’s car, she heads to Nashville to search for opportunity. What she doesn’t anticipate is the difficulties she faces- a car accident, being robbed and having close to no money. After awhile though, she begins to make friends and find her way.

Each chapter begins with facts about a famous country singer- their birthdate, their first job, their big break into the music industry and life events. As someone who is obsessed with facts, it was great for Supplee to include a feature like that. It’s also a reminder that these singers are all human, and experienced many setbacks before getting their chance.

I recommend this book for a quick read about following your dreams.