In the late 1990s and early 2000s, the Star Wars prequels came out and introduced the franchise to an entirely new generation of viewers. Granted, the prequels cannot really compare to the originals, but those movies were the ones my brother first got on video and watched constantly, which meant I saw them constantly too. We obviously watched the originals, and I remember thinking how cool it was to see the difference between the old scale models used in the originals versus the modern computer animation. And of course, I’ve seen the Force Awakens.

In honor of the legendary Carrie Fisher, who played Princess Leia, I decided to read her memoir Wishful Drinking, based off of a one-woman show she’s presented around the country.

Fisher writes about growing up in the spotlight, being the daughter of 50’s icon Debbie Reynolds and singer Eddie Fisher. The book is split into multiple chapters that detail certain events in Carrie Fisher’s life, including her experience with drug addiction and alcoholism. She also talks about her parent’s divorces, and the multiple remarriages they both had over the course of several years.

I really liked Fisher’s writing tone, she was honest about a lot of her experiences through a dry sense of humor, even using some suggestive words. I admire her for her openness and willingness to make fun of herself and her family, even so much as to make a web illustrating the interconnections of her family’s divorces and remarriages.

This book is on the short side, only 178 pages, but is a great, quick read for those who appreciate a good sense of humor and memoirs.