Hello, my name is Betsy. I graduated in 2014 with a degree in journalism and currently work in communications. I love reading and writing. If you would like me to review a certain book, just leave a comment. Thanks for visiting my blog!


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  1. Sean
    Dec 01, 2015 @ 01:04:30

    Hi Betsy,

    I saw your Coldplay Paradise comment on Youtube and had a look at your homepage for some reason. I too used to listen to that song over and over again, because of someone I met four years ago. She may have in some way saved me, but, unfortunately, I was unable to save her.

    When she was a girl…

    My girl friend lived in a beautiful part of the English countryside and had a pony in the field beside her home. But it flew away from her reach… she lost her home, her pony and her father. Her foster parents were a bit mean, but her first partner was worse than them and her second partner beat her so bad that the police were called when she was found unconscious. And so, for many years, she could only dream of paradise.

    Losing her father at a young age had a serious impact on Jackie’s life, and she used to ask me think about how my daughter would feel if she lost me. I made up my mind to do my best to stay. Sadly, Jackie had to ‘go’ after a car crash three years ago and all I was left with was the song and the memories. Which, as you can imagine, I replayed again and again.

    I was going to listen to the song while writing to a scriptwriter I know in NY. She has been encouraging me to write a memoir, as had Jackie, and I was going to listen to the song while thinking about the idea. So, it was an interesting coincidence to see that you review books – I will try to remember to send you a copy if I write it.

    Meanwhile, here’s something I wrote and narrated a wee while ago:

    I Know that life gets so heavy, at times, but it also changes for the better in ways we can never expect. Good luck with your own writing.



    • Betsy
      Dec 01, 2015 @ 03:33:25

      Hi Sean,
      Thank you for your comment.
      I enjoyed reading about what the song means to you as well. For me, the song represents the escape I had during the tough time in my life. My grandmother passed away right around when Paradise came out, and I was actually listening to the song when my mother called me to tell me. I started crying but then continued listening to the song. The beautiful production and lyrics helped me relax and I started listening it to over and over again.

      I enjoyed your video. I got a chance to go to Scotland when I was studying abroad, but didn’t make it to Skye. I did get to see Lochness, Inverness and Edinburgh, beautiful landscape and scenery.
      Thank you again for visiting my site.


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